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The OSR Bible is probably an impossible project. But you can read more here and here.

This page presents a work-in-progress index. It is basically a list of the topics that I've covered so far.
This does not cover the issue of asking permission to the original authors, rightful owners of the rights for all this content - which is one of the main issues to solve (1).

Updated November 2019.


3d6, in order by Norman Harman
Ability scores: roll #d6, some of them in order by Rafu
8 Abilities - 6, 3, or 4 Ability Scores?  by Anne
Into The Odd, by Chris McDowall
Exploring Characters pt. 3: Replacing Attributes and Rolling Under by Mastered by Marquis
D&D chargen as a party game by Jeff Rients
    Skills in Old School Games by AHL
    Skills: The Middle Road by Benjamin David
    Skill Systems: Tweaking "The Middle Road" by ktrey parker
    Game Mechanics: Dice, Doors, and Decimal Points by Dan Domme
      Genius: Yet Another Approach to Skills in OSR Play by E.T. Smith
      You Are What You Can't by ktrey parker
      OSR Skill System Fight Club by Lloyd Neill
      Use your classes minus the thief, every character is also a thief and gains skills progression as a thief, for free, each level, by Davide Pignedoli (me)
      Saves as Severity by Delta
      Why I Love Saving Throws by Brendan
      Saving Throws, part 1 by Jeff Rients
      On Abstraction and Saving Throws by Courtney Campbell
      Favorable and unfavorable saves by Brendan
      Level as saving throw by Brendan
      A Point of Dissatisfaction with S&W by James Maliszewski
      Saving Throws in the Black Dogs fanzine by Davide Pignedoli (me)
      Spending HP, AC, items or spell slots for a bonus on a Saving Throw, by Davide Pignedoli (me)
      A comparison across BXE, S&W WB and Core, LL and LotFP
      d6 Saving Throws for LotFP by Davide Pignedoli (me)
      Saves in OD&D by class by Jeff Rients
      House-rules for d6 Saving Throws (as skills) by Davide Pignedoli (me)
      Alternate Saving Throw by DeathKnight4044
      Some Thoughts on Saving Throws by KYLYNSMALL
      Saving Throws as d6 Skills by Red Flanagan
      A suggested alternate saving throw system to go along with LotFP by CaptainAhash
      Skills revisited: Dice pools and the LotFP playtest rules by Dan Domme


      The Story Games Name Project
      Random Name Generator
      donjon Fantasy Name Generator
      donjon Fantasy Random Generator for NPCs, including a little description
      Chartopia endless lists of names
      Fantasy Name Generators - Nicknames
      100 Evocative Character Titles (Part I) by wizardshaw
      Sample tables from the Crying Blades by Davide Pignedoli (me)
      638 Primary Personality Traits1,000 NPC Traits by Chad Samuels
      100 NPC Personality Types by SHAM AKA DAVE
      d100 NPC Character Traits
      A list of mannerisms for writers
      Exceptional Traits for B/X (oh crap...) by JB
      List of All Personality Traits, Ideals, Bonds & Flaws by Leugren
      Alignments according to LotFP
      An Alignment System by Gorinich Serpant
      Some thoughts on Alignments by Davide Pignedoli (me)
      Gameable Alignments, Final Name & Compatibility by Sami Mobarak-Sadokierski, with ideas from Aaron Parr and Zak Sabbath
      Unaligned – a new alignment choice by The Jovial Priest
      Alignment Distributions by Delta
      Limits of AD&D Alignment 3: Solutions by ROGER G-S
      Alignment Ain't for 1st Level by Adam Muszkiewicz
      The basic rules in LotFP 
      Making Languages Make Sense by Rocinante
      Sprechen sie Neutral? by Dennis Laffey
      A suggestion of a simple house-rule by Davide Pignedoli (me)


      XP and Levels
      20 Non-Gold for XP Progression Systems by Cacklecharm
      eXPloration by JEFF RIENTS
      E6: Variant Experience by HDA
      adventures without violence: exploration by satyre
      eXPloration - XP is selling a story about a thing by Gieljan de Vries
      Meeting interesting and stimulating people of an ancient culture... and NOT killing them by Zzarchov
      Murder gets boring by Zzarchov
      Adventuring should be the best option mechanically by Zzarchov
      Images from Shadis posted by Greg Gorgonmilk
      Images from the Black Dogs XP system by Davide Pignedoli (me)
      Funerals for the Fallen by James Young
      Death, Trauma, and Retirement: I'm Gettin' Too Old For This Shit by Arnold K.
      OSR: Death and Dismemberment Table + Early Retirement Tables by Skerples


      Alternate Fighter For, like, D&D and stuff like that by ZAK SABBATH
      OSR: Class: Fighters by Skerples
      New OSR class: The Swordslave by Michael Quinn
      • Clerics
      • Magic Users
      • Thieves
      B/X Class: The Extras by Joseph Manola
      Class – Urchin by Goblin's Henchman



      Overloading the encounter die by Brendan
      Hazard System v0.3 by Brendan
      Improving Your Encounter Tables With Gimmicks! by James Young
      OVERLOAD YOUR ENCOUNTER DICE - Fear the Passage of Time, Meet New People, Kill Them by Angus Warman
      Keep encounter tables short and simple by Chris McDowall
      Traps and Triggers by Talysman
      I Search For Traps by Talysman
        Spellbook Traps by Hack & Slash
        Traps Series by Talysman
        20 Traps for Wizards and Assholes by Martin O; 20 Magical Guards by Martin O; Alarms? by Martin O; Weird Locks by Martin O
        • more...

        Into The Odd by Chris McDowall
        D&D Combat Supercharger by Chris McDowall
        Radically Faster Combat: Auto-Hits by JB
        Another idea for speeding up combat in B/X D&D by Eric Nieudan
        Single roll in combat from the Crying Blades by Davide Pignedoli (me)
        Horrible Wounds in OSR games by Emmy Allen
        Death & Dismemberment by Logan Knight
        CRITICAL HITS FOR OSR GAMES by Paolo Greco
        Horrible Wounds in Lunchtime Dungeons by Eric Nieudan
        Physical Initiative and Query Initiative by Patrick Stuart
        Tactical Hazard Die by Brendan
        Troika! Initiative Rules by Daniel Sell
        A house-rule on initiative and inventory slots
        Empty slots give a measure of your initiative, by Davide Pignedoli (me)
        A house-rule based on 13th Age escalation, by Davide Pignedoli (me)
        Use a d6, increase every round or every miss, reset to 1 when you get to 6
        Use the d6 either when it gets to 6, or use its value every time


        Hex-based Campaign Design (Part 1) by Erin D. Smale
        Hex-based Campaign Design (Part 2) by Erin D. Smale
        North-West Marches - Travel Rules by Meandering Banter
        Wilderness rules, a wishlist by Signs in the Wilderness
        Weather for wilderness travelers by Signs in the Wilderness
        The danger of this place by Signs in the Wilderness
        Wilderness/Overland Procedures by Michael Bacon
        Wilderness dungeons by Signs in the Wilderness

        Spell Features by ktrey parker
        On the Effects of Magic, Cantrips and Rules by Courtney Campbell
        Simple Cantrip Rules For Swords & Wizardry and OD&D by R.J. Thompson
        Summon by Ramanan Sivaranjan
        The Summoning Spell From Lamentations of the Flame Princess Vornheim Style by Mike Evans
        Advanced Summon Spell for LotFP by Justin Stewart
        • more...


        (1) As far as I have no permission, I will simply link to the original articles. This means that a copy of the material is collected only in my private drive, and formatted in a document I have only for personal use.
        If the original article goes offline, the link dies. I have a copy of the content, though, and given permission I would love to include such content first on this blog and then in the document(s) of this project.

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