City of Judas

City of Judas
In this dark fantasy, sword&sorcery setting you are a member of the Brotherhood of the Iron Fist, a company of mercenaries who work in the shadows in the City of Judas.
The setting focuses around an imaginary Jerusalem, heart of flaming religious crusades between the church of Christ and the cult of Judas, with the new sept of the Book of Q getting stronger each day. Which side will you choose to fight for?
But that's not enough: evil monsters, dark demons and wicked minions will try to partake in the feast.

City of Judas is an Apocalypse World dark fantasy hack, for 3 to 6 players.
The manual contains a set of new moves, additional mechanics such as the Advantage Die, original combat mechanics, ten different playbooks of Iron Fist mercenaries for your players.
The GM section includes GM Principles and GM Moves, a guide to the first session and character creation, elements for missions and fronts, and a complete set of wild monsters and demons.

A Quickstart document will help you start the game with half-pregenerated characters, maps and mission ideas for your Brotherhood. Use it for your one-shots and convention games.

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Free materials
These are playbooks and other materials to print, available for free on the website. They serve also as a nice preview if you want to check the game before buying:
- Playbooks
- Handouts
- GM Material
- Quickstarter

Play reports
These are a few actual play reports written by me or other playtesters during the development of the game.
Facing a giant demon
Exploring politics in City of Judas
Against the Cult of Nergal, by Richard Sardinas
Hunting demons
A play-report from Gregoy
Another actual play by Gregory

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