Thursday, April 8, 2021

FEAR the DARK - HeroQuest fanzine issue number 4

With issue number 4, FEAR the DARK, my new HeroQuest fanzine, enters a new stage.

As all the previous issues, this is free (Pay What You Want on Drivethrurpg... of course if you want to throw me a dollar, your support will be appreciated!).

This time, instead of new adventures for our heroes, I've put together several random tables to be able to generate a dungeon directly while playing. 

I was trying to keep things simple but to include everything needed by the GM: there is a theme for the mission (so the heroes know what they have to do), a system to generate a map which puts the "final room" somewhere down the road (not too early) but leaves space for additional rooms to explore, etc.

Every room has its own monsters, but there are a few tricks to try to maintain some consistency between the mission and the monsters, and between the content of the room (i.e. furniture) and what happens in it, and so on.

I know this would work much better as a computer program, it would be much faster, and would allow a GM to generate a dungeon with a simple click, have a look at the map, and discard it if it made no sense or was not suitable for the game they're playing... but I wanted something which could rely simply on paper and dice, as it was in the '80 in the last century!

Also, this will still work in case of an apocalypse.

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