Monday, August 23, 2021

FEAR the DARK - HeroQuest fanzine issue number 6 (bestiary)

With issue 6, this fanzine has completed a first round of my experimental journey into HeroQuest. In the first three issues I tried to outline a campaign with the same style as the original one, and added a few little rules here and there...

With the second three, though, I've rewritten a lot of rules and procedures, while keeping the core game the same. Issue 4 contains procedures for the GM to generate new, endless, dungeons to explore in your adventures, and issue 5 has new character sheets with enough abilities (tied to an XP/Level system) to keep the players entertained for a while. Of course, if you plan to play hundreds of games, you'll probably have to come up with new heroes yourself, but issue 5 might be a valid source of inspiration.

Issue 6 tackles the last piece of the game: the monsters. It's a simple but exhaustive bestiary, with some variants for the original monsters, and some new monsters (with old miniatures which should be fairly common, even if out of production). 

I added a few special rules/abilities for some monsters, to present new challenges to the players, and to keep the GM a little more involved in the game.

Also, while monsters do not have an explicit "difficulty rating", it's quite easy to understand which are more powerful and less common, and which ones should be used as meat-shields by the evil boss of the dungeon. This way, if you want to use the monsters in your dungeons, you can quickly judge, at a glance, if they are minions, a "room boss" or a "final boss".

As all the previous issues, this is free (Pay What You Want on Drivethrurpg... of course if you want to throw me a dollar, your support will be appreciated!):

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