Friday, March 20, 2020


Hello everyone,
Some of you are in quarantine already (I'm writing from the north of Italy, so I know what it feels like), most of you will be very soon anyway.
What can I do about it? Nothing, except giving everything away in Pay What You Want, to make it easier for you to grab something to pass the time. If you like what you read, or want to show your support, feel free to throw me some money - but if you are stuck in the house with nothing better to do, download everything for free.

Well, there is something else I can do, for all of you who are not in quarantine... I am in the north of Italy but most of my customers are from other countries, so let me tell you something:

Be VERY careful, be STRONG, but be PESSIMIST. If you are not in quarantine yet, make plans about it.

Not just food - and definitely not guns... (if we will ever get to the point when we run out of food or we need guns, I'm the last person to take advice from, and my email won't save you)
Make plans about your space (how can it be made more comfortable for months of quarantine? What is broken and needs to be fixed before the quarantine? Should you move somewhere else, if you have the opportunity?),
about your physical health (get ready to do some exercise indoor, make a daily workout schedule, buy what you need but most of all: get in the mindset that you WILL HAVE to do exercise at home; it's important!),
and mental health (do not panic, reinforce your network of family and friendly connections, get to know your neighbors, find a therapist who can work online, call a truce on any war you might have with people next to you),
buy/prepare now what you will need later (internet connection, decent hardware, medicines, books, materials for your kids, for you, for your hobby, for your partner, etc...).

Make a list of all the things you wanted to do and never had time for... because you're about to have plenty of time!

This virus WILL pass (meaning also: it will pass through your country too, before it's gone!), but there will be sacrifice to be made. Do NOT think: it won't happen TO ME, it won't happen HERE. It might, indeed, not happen to YOU, but it will affect your country, your region, your city - someone you know. I wish all of you the best of luck (I'm not one for prayers), but unless you're lucky enough to live on a tropical island (or somewhere similar), your life will be touched, somehow. Whatever they tell you: this will last for MONTHS, in a form or another.

ONE LAST THING: if your government tells you not to worry, do as you wish... but I think it would be very wise for you to make plans and take action as if the government was wrong and your instinct (your healthy fear) was right.
I bet they have a private hospital ready for them - do you have the same? Do your parents or grandparents have a team of private doctors? Does your family have a secret medicine we don't know about? The virus itself is not terribly lethal; but plenty of people suffer from other diseases or are too weak because of their age, to fight it properly. And hospitals are made for REGULAR situations; this is NOT a regular situation. Many people will die because of pre-existing conditions, age, or lack of proper treatment. The more the virus spreads (through all the people with no symptoms or not careful enough), the more the epidemic (and the quarantine) will last, and more people will die.

So, be careful, stay safe, play games, and see you all at the end of this!
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