Crying Hack

The Crying Hack is a short role playing game, in OSR style; it's a hack of The Black Hack itself.  The Crying Hack is a fantasy, classic OSR, easy game. It's built on the foundation of The Black Hack and it aims to retain its simplicity and flexibility, while introducing a few twists and houserules. Those houserules are a streamlined, simplified version of some of those you will find in the complete game The Crying Blades.

In the Crying Hack, for example, you will find:
- Attributes based Saving Throws,
- the Gift score for re-rolls and multiclassing,
- new and unique talents for each class,
- a special melee combat roll that resolves attacking and defending in a single unique roll,
- special rolls for Turns-based exploration and encounters, Hirelings, etc. 

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  1. I have ordered this game, and look forward to comparing it with the full version (volumes 1 & 2 are available now).