Wednesday, November 17, 2021

My first warhammer fantasy project: Empire Army

My first warhammer fantasy project... (watched my friends play it like 20 years ago... now it's time for me to paint and I hope to field it some day).

Core unit: spearmen, and detachments will be handgunners and a free company

24 spears plus champion

The rest of the command group... trying freehand on the banner :-/

Shooty detachment (12 handgunners) in case someone charges the spears

Free company (10 miniatures... also good for Mordheim), still WIP but 2nd detachment for flank-charging units engaged with the spears...

Some artillery: a cannon and a mortar, one day I'll get the third, the hellfire cannon or whatever it is called...

Regular red and white uniforms

These swapped white for blue

2nd unit: swords with command group, supported by more guns, and by more swords (not painted yet, not pictured)

Had fun making all shields variants

Yes, I quickly got bored of the red and white regular uniforms :-)

Need to finish the free company...

Then it's the swordmen detachment, then some heroes (wizard and priest, I have for now) and some cavalry (I have like 5 knights and 12 white wolves knights with command group)...

Then greatswords...

Then I'll have to go over ALL the miniatures, fix the eyes, the bases, etc... but for now I am trying to get them table ready... I knew painting an army would take time, but wow.....

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