Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Painting HeroQuest

Not only I found a 2nd hand HeroQuest box in very good shape, but I bought colors, brushes, etc. and I am trying my hand at miniature painting. The goal is to have a fully painted set before the end of the year.

It's been like 25 years since I last touched a brush, and back when I was a teenager I was not very good at painting. I found out that even though my eyes are not the same anymore, I am much more patient now, and that helps a lot. And I use a magnifying glass, too :-)

So with the help of patience and video tutorials (which are really a big help! and those were also not available when I was young) and Contrast Colors, I am working first on the green monsters. It's not easy but if I manage to get in the right mood, miniature painting is very relaxing. And it feels good to have a visible, tangible project.

Here you can see a few pictures of goblins and fimirs. I used mostly Contrast for goblins, while with the fimirs I took more time to prepare them with a black wash. I struggle mostly with metals, but I am improving with those as well. I don't have pictures of orcs yet, but I will post those soon. Then it will be time to start with the undead. 

Next week I will host the 2nd game session for my family (partner, daughter, sister and her husband) and once the set is fully painted, I'll start a second group with my friends. I am writing several new quests with also a few house-rules to use with my friends, to get back to the sense of novelty and discovery that HeroQuest gave us back then...

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