Wednesday, September 23, 2020

FEAR the DARK - HeroQuest fanzine

While the rest of the world talks about the new re-print (I'll call it re-print, with a new look, but just a re-print), here is my first little experiment after bringing back the game at the table after 30 years or so...

It's a short series of three adventures, and it is made to be played from zero, with new heroes. So it should fit any new group (new players, or veterans willing to start a new campaign without re-playing the original questbook).

It also introduces monsters little by little, and there is a nasty twist with the undead. I hope you'll like it...

I already have a draft for the next adventures, so the goal is to have a full campaign in a total of 3 issues of this fanzine... well, we'll see how it goes. Have fun!

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